Change is Coming

Over these past few years, we have forgotten what made us great - our fans, and we would like to offer an apology. While we haven't been updating you on our progress, things have been progressing, however slowly that may have been at times. Over the coming months, expect to see us (And updates) more often.

First on the agenda for these changes, is a complete overhaul of our forums - this means upgrading them to the newest version, a new design, removing a lot of atrophied sections, and other improvements we hope will breathe life back into them. Next we plan on changing the site - which will involve getting rid of the wiki, moving all of its content to the main site instead, as well as a new design and inner workings, which will help us bring content to you, and your ideas to us more easily.

Throughout these changes we hope to keep you appraised of development through the forums. Are we promising an update every day, or week? No, while we would like that - it's just not feasible with our current staff. But we do plan on keeping everyone updated with basic progress reports when they're substantial enough - which will likely include screen shots, renders, art, and possibly video, more often than not.

Finally, we are currently looking to hire more people to help with the project's development, if you would like to help out - please take a look at the 'Help Wanted' link below.


Until we get the new site setup, these will be the only images related to the game we will have on this page.
We feel this temporary design doesn't do our concept art, screenshots or renders justice.
However not having anything in place isn't fair either. So here are a few images, both old and never before seen.